5 Tips That Can Help You When Selling Your Home

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Guest Blog Written by Wendy Dessler

For most of us ordinary people, our homes are the most valuable thing we own. It makes a lot of sense that we tend to invest a great deal in the sale if we ever decide to part with it. We research online for everything we can find on selling a home article after article.

It’s quite necessary, too, because there’s a lot that goes into getting the right kind of sale. It takes a lot of know-how, and usually some professional help too. So, we’ve put together some fundamental considerations that you have to get right before you sell.



Get the Right Realtor

If you’re going the professional route, it’s not good enough to get just anyone. You have to find the realtor that’s right for you. In some cases, it may be appropriate to go it alone, but for the most part, representation helps. 

Experience is Critical

Finding the right person can be tough, but some essential hints will help. First off, check to see that your agent has an excellent track record of sales. The longer, the better. Experience counts in this trade. 

It helps to know how long your agent has been in the industry, and how effective they’ve been during that time.

Always Go Local

Secondly, ensure that your realtor has in-depth local knowledge. You need someone who will do more than treat your investment like a unit. Your agent should see your home as part of a community and know everything about the surrounding area.

An easy way to test this is to ask many questions that only someone with extensive local knowledge would be able to answer.

Formulate a Plan

Whether you’re going with a representative or not, you’re going to need a plan. This plan should include a marketing strategy, as well as a solid idea of how to bring your home itself into the perfect state for presentation to buyers. 

If you hire a realtor, they should arrive at your door with a very detailed plan of this kind ready to go. The advertising, the pricing, and the names of all the tradesmen you might require should be part of this overall plan. Go for detail in everything.

Go Neutral

Bringing your home up to selling standard will often be a bigger task than you imagined. When we live somewhere for a long time, things tend to get a little worn and messy without us noticing. Buyers will notice straight away, though. 

A useful way to think of it is neutrality. You want to present a home that’s a little like a blank canvas. After all, you want the buyers to be able to see their own hopes and desires as they’re walking around, not your accumulated clutter. 

Final Word

It’s a big task, selling a home. It can be financially risky at times, it can involve way more work than you expected, and it can even be emotionally exhausting. People often invest a lot of expectations into these things, and these can sometimes be unmet, too.

It’s quite rare that a sale of this magnitude goes through without effort. Typically, selling a home will take a little time, and will also require a lot of work. So, starting out with the willingness to plan thoroughly and work hard puts you well on your way.

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